Paris goes Brussels

Paris goes Brussels

Join our bicycle tour!

We will take Paris to Brussels!

Join our bicycle tour to Brussels! We have constructed our own small-scale model of the Eiffel tower which we will take with us to Brussels. You may wonder why we do that? We want to remind policy makers all over the world and especially in the European Union of the pledges they have signed with the Paris Agreement. We want them to finally #MakeParisReal.

On December 12, 2020 it is the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement. Although this international agreement has been signed five years ago, policy makers have not yet comitted to policies that will be sufficient to limit global warming to 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels. On December 10 and 11, 2020, just in time for the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, the heads of states of the European Union gather in Brussel to decide upon emission reduction targets for the European Union. We push on them to commit on reduction targets which are in line with the Paris Agreement.

We use the Eiffel tower as the symbol for the Paris Agreement. We will take it on our bicycle tour to Brussels. At the end of each stage of the tour, the Eiffel tower will be passed over to the next person who will then take it on the next part of the journey. Our tour presents a unique opportunity for other local climate groups to organize events along the planned journey. We will reach Brussels just in time for the EU summit!

How can I participate?

Please feel free to join the open Telegram-Channel where we gather all kind of information about this tour:
Alternatively, please feel free to email to:

Please find below an overview about the planned journey. We are currently looking for support in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Part 1: Dresden Ottendorf – Okrilla- Riesa – Leipzig (150 km)

Contacts: Jörg P4F Leipzig, Matthias P4F Leipzig

DresdenRiesa74 kmCyclists on board
via Ottendorf-Okrilla
“Wald statt Kies”
RiesaLeipzig76 kmCyclists on board

Part 2: Leipzig – Eisenach (219 km)

Contacts: Almut P4F Leipzig, Kerstin P4F Leipzig

LeipzigJena116 kmCyclists on board
JenaErfurt51 kmCyclists on board
ErfurtEisenach75 kmCyclists on board

Part 3: Eisenach – Limburg an der Lahn (223 km)

Contacts: Katharina P4F Leipzig, Talina P4F Leipzig

EisenachBad Hersfeld60 kmCyclists on board
Bad HersfeldDanneröder Forst68 kmCyclists on board
Danneröder ForstWetzlar56 kmCyclists on board
WetzlarLimburg48 kmCyclists on board

Part 4: Limburg an der Lahn – Aachen (215 km)

Contacts: Ingmar P4F Leipzig, Talina P4F Leipzig

LimburgBonn114 kmCyclists on board
BonnKöln40 kmCyclists on board
KölnAachen via Hambi82 kmCyclists on board

Part 5: Aachen – Brüssel (138 km)

Contacts: Ingmar P4F Leipzig

AachenLeuven (B)110 kmCyclists on board
08:30 am at “Markt”
Leuven (B)Brussels35 kmCyclists on board


Although the Paris Agreement has been signed five years ago, policy makers up to now failed to implement policies that guarantee sufficient emission reductions. Therefore, we use the Eiffel Tower as a powerful symbol fort he Paris Agreement as a reminder for policy makers.

Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, we want to raise awareness to the shocking fact that although legally binding, many states have not yet committed to polices in line with the Paris Agreement. Policies that already have been agreed upon are not even close to being in line with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels. But there is also good news. It is still possible to implement sufficient policies if policy makers show the courage to agree upon the action needed and act now.

The bicycle tour

As people from many different backgrounds, groups, cities and countries join our bicycle tour to Brussels, we demonstrate that many people are willing to show incredible commitment for the Paris Agreement. But it won’t be sufficient to organize a bicycle tour. At the same time, we need to gain as much media attention as possible. Please support us by tweeting, writing about in your blog or by just talking to your colleague about it during your coffee break. You can also contact your local politician and claim policies in line with the Paris Agreement at the local level. Our tour will reach Brussels just in time for the EU summit so that we will be able to hand over our demands to politicians in Brussels. #MakeParisReal

what about Corona?

As you are ware, the current Covid-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges to many of us. The safety of all cyclists and other people who take part in our action is our highest priority. We also closely follow current legislation and Covid-19 rules in the different jurisdictions. Please make sure to follow social distancing and hygienic rules such as washing your hands as frequently as possible. Thank you!